Century Elementary School is a PreK-5 school that is fully departmentalized in grades 1-5. This means your child will have one teacher for math/science and another teacher for reading/social studies. This allows teachers to become content experts in the areas they teacher, rather than having to focus in all content areas.

Common Core Standards

Century Elementary School follows the Common Core State Standards for Reading and Mathematics.


The iReady program is our online assessment program to monitor student performance. In additional to quarterly assessments, iReady creates an individualized online lesson plan for your students to follow based on their individual needs. Students will access these online lessons approximately twice a week for a total of 30 minutes.

Math Workshop Model

Math teachers at Century Elementary School follow the Math Workshop Model. This model of instruction is broken down into four main components:

  • The Opening
  • lndependent Time
  • Cooperative Time
  • The Closing

During The Opening of the math workshop model, teachers deliver on-grade level direct instruction to all students.

During lndependent Time, students work on differentiated tasks created by the teacher to meet their needs in order to access the on-grade level material, OR, students are advanced onto higher level tasks to meet their needs. During this time, students are expected to partake in "productive struggle" -which simply means they are grappling with a task at the appropriate challenging level for them and they must utilize notes, manipulatives, and/or other resources to successfully complete the task.

During Cooperative Time, students are expected to work with one another to critique, debate, and discuss their common tasks together, utilizing appropriate mathematical vocabulary in order to come to a common solution of the task.

During independent and cooperative time, the teacher acts a guide to question student level of understanding, pull small groups of students for further intervention/enrichment, and make progress monitor student learning.

Finally, during The Closing, the teacher may ask an individual or groups of students to present their findings, they may reteach a portion of the lesson that needs revisited, or provided a quick check assessment to determine student level of understanding at the end of the lesson.